Raül Canibano, 2013 © Scott Loftesness

Raül Cañibano, 2013 © Scott Loftesness

Based in Havana, Raul Canibano (born 1961) is one of Cuba’s leading documentary photographers. He is a storyteller at heart, and uses the camera to narrate the story of his country, its people and their struggles in the post-revolution era. Through his series, Cañibano’s images tell the story of everyday Cubans in the city (Chronicles of the City) and in the countryside (Guajira’s Land), and confront the loneliness and abandonment of ageing in Cuba (Sunset). With his unique sense of framing, he captures the apex of multiple stories unfolding simultaneously within the same scene, thereby defining “The Decisive Cuban Moment.” In 2000 he was one of eleven photographers selected for the exhibition, 50 Years of Cuban Photography, at the Royal National Theatre in London, which showcased the work of the most significant Cuban photographers after the triumph of the revolution. Cañibano currently lives and works in Havana.


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